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AC!D Audio Xperia S Engine

Download AC!D Audio
Xperia S Mod:


  1. AC!D Audio Engine (base MOD)
  2. (NEW!) Walkman Addon
  3. Alsa Addon (driver script and optimisation) (work in progress!)
  4. Ultra Bass Addon (Special Addon only workingwith walkman player, will let you raise bass in clearbass up to +15 and you'll have Beats EQ preset) (work in progress!)

Xperia S optimisation:






Walkman V Addon
Changelog v4.0:

Changelog v 3.0:

- New Beats Files from HTC One X+ on Sense+ (latest beats Audio files availible)

- New Full Equaliser Support for ALL player (use it like a widget)
- Latest Walkman Mod from Tk (Xperia T style and Some beautifull design trick)
- Full Alsa Support (now for speaker and front speaker!)
- New Surround Sound support (Reactivated Surround Sound In all Player with for the best ever Surround music experience
- More Walkman Z Audio setting and Audio format support (ported some FW config)
- HTC One X+ Build.prop tweaks
- Audio_policy.conf tweaks (now sound is much louder)
- Xloud now fully working for almost all devices !
- New init.d tweaks (no more audio stuttering on some devices)
- Brand new audio_effect.conf tweaks and bass driver for INCREDIBLE BASS (much more crispier and deeper)
- A LOT MORE AS USUAL (If I take time to update this MOD it's because of the amount of change)-
Changelog v 2.0:


- Xperia V Walkman player
- Xperia T lib files
- Updated and new lib files
- new and beautiful equalizer app(with wideget)see screenshots
- JellyBean rom support
- Optimized for Walkman and N7 player(like my beats version 5)
- Deep and clear bass effect
- More drums
- sound volume increased
- Crisper sound on hedset
- Re added awesome beats
- Brand new soundfiles (from Xperia V, HTC Endehavor U, Xperia T)
- Bass less noisy but really clearer and deeper (new srsfx and beatsbass)
- More build.prop tweaks
- Sound really amazing on n7 player
- BAVIA ENGINE PORT from Xperia T (test release) (better picture and video quality)
- BT headset soundtweaks to fully activate soundmod
- NEW BEATS ENGINE! from HTC Endehavor U!
- Updated Xloud Bravia Clearbass etc with Xperia T frameworks and libs (deodexed to get working on all phone)
- NEW! Dynamic Bass from Walkman Z now 100% working (way more powerfull bass!)
- cleaned all crappy and useless files from my MOD (some tegra optimised files wich was not working, and some "private" files)
- ALSA now fully working (I made my own tweaks and changed all setting added MSM8960 support to alsa, corrected some corrupted files)
- Bass are really incredible!!!
- Audio resampling from Sony Xperia T
- Xperia V Walkman player
- Sony optimised Alsa(working fine)
- Walkman Z Dynmamic Bass
- Xloud Engine
- Bravia Engine from Xperia T
- New lib files
- Improved Beats Audio Effect
- Louder, Clearer vocals in the background
- Maximum Audio Re-sampling
- more loud
- Increased volume
- Cristal clearer sound on speaker
- Improved compatibility between clearbass and beats
- Working with walkman(no bugs)DEDICATED TO ALL WALKMAN LOVERS
- Overall better sound quality for an awesome music experience
- Removed some unwanted stuffs
- Xloud support for non stock ROM
- HTC xl full port
- AC!D audio engine Notification app

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